For Landlords

Haus Properties Group believes that property management has a significant role to play in a sound investment strategy. Done Well, it will enhance your investment growth potential & provide new opportunities for wealth creation

Property Management is our speciality and our clients are our number one priority.

We offer greater customer service and unrivaled expertise in property management for all clients. We are passionate, pride ourselves in customer service and ensure an efficient response to your needs. Our role is to make owning your property as stress free as possible. Our team does this by setting up good relationships with both our landlords and tenants and by offering professional advice on every facet of the real estate industry.

Screening for quality tenants in the quickest amount of time

Applications go through a comprehensive screening process which is then passed on to you for approval. Once you have approved the application, Our team will secure tenants and prepare the Residential Tenancy Agreement on your behalf which is changed according to your property and any other requirements you may have. A condition report is completed along with photos which state the condition the property is in before the commencement of the tenancy. This is dated, signed and is referred to at the end of the agreement.

Detailed property inspections

Your property needs to be properly documented in extreme detail, so that you as the landlord will always be protected should any damage occur. We conduct our inspections within the first 3 months of the tenant moving in and bi-annually thereafter. Every time you will receive a detailed report which will outline the condition of the property and any repairs that need to be made.

We maximise your rental returns & Minimise vacancy

When a suitable tenant is chosen, we will record your property on 6 monthly or 12 monthly rent reviews depending on the term of the lease. We will contact you 60 days prior to the fixed term lease expiry date, provide you with a market update, and renew your rent accordingly. In order to minimise vacancy at your investment, We will also discuss if you would like to offer the tenant to renew the lease.

Zero tolerance on rental arrears

We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy. Our expectation of our tenants is tht their rental payments are a priority. When tenants sign the lease, Our team provides the tenant with an induction appointment, explaining the terms and conditions of the lease. We follow up rental arrears on a daily basis and will always keep you in the loop.

Repairs and maintenance

We listen to how you would like us to manage your property and arrange maintenance accordingly. The tradespeople we use have appropriate experience and fair prices with appropriate licenses and insurance cover. This will guarantee all work is cost-effective and carried out to a high standard, on time, every time. So that you as a landlord are never blindsided by anything.


We save you time and inconvenience by paying expenses on your behalf. These expenses will be deducted from your monthly income and include:
• Water rates
• Council rates
• Strata Levies
• Insurance premiums
• Any other property related charges

Haus Properties Group Service Guarantee

Our Guarantee to all Landlord Clients

Our commitment is to strive towards providing you with the highest standard of service. Premises are easily made and just as easily forgotten. We believe that you should only ever make promises you can keep. We believe that we are unique to make these commitments through our service guarantee.

We guarantee:

• To respond to your telephone calls within 24 hours
• To respond to fax and email requests within 48 hours
• To not make excuses but provide solutions
• To provide you with a comparative market analysis of the rental market value by comparing your property to similar properties
• To advertise for tenants on 8 real estate websites and to display the property our rental listing sheet
• To accompany all prospective tenants to the property – we do not hand out keys
• To interview all prospective tenants prior to approval
• To sight tenants original photo identification
• To prepare a detailed condition report and inventory list if applicable
• To prepare all documentation in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act
• To collect a full rental bond prior to the tenant receiving keys
• To carry out regular property inspections and forward a detailed report to you
• To monitor arrears and promptly issue the appropriate notices
• To review the rent at least once a year
• To arrange repairs and maintenance in accordance with your instructions
• To carry out final inspections and correctly administer the rental bond monies
• To give expert advice with regard to the application of Residential Tenancies Act
• To have thorough knowledge of the Anti-Discrimination and Privacy Acts
• To account to you promptly each month
• To administer all funds through an audited trust account
• To use a quality system with checklists to reduce human error

If you are not 100% satisfied with our level of service, we will manage your property for the next three months for FREE.
Our customer service guarantee does not apply when:
♣ We are requested to carry out non-standard duties
♣ Matters are outside out control e.g natural disaster or accident.

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